The Vinery

The Wine Growing Estate has been in the possssion of the familiy since 1724, the year in which it was acquired by Count Georg Christoph Stürgkh.

The History

Imperial Chancellor under Emperor Charles VI. Other prominent owners include Count Carl Stürgkh, Prime Minister under Francis Joseph I and Count Barthold Stürgkh, who has served as president of the Agricultural Commission of the Council of Europe. At present, the estate, comprising some 13 hectares of land in the southeastern part of Austria, is in the hands of Cari Baron Seyfferitz, grandson of the late Barthold Stürgkh. Since 2004 the Vinery is rented by Georg Winkler – Hermaden, from the vinery  http://www.winkler-hermaden.at

The Ölberg

The wine region is characterized by a favourable balance between ample rainfall and equally ample sunshine, vulcanic lava erosive stone, an impressively wide array of grape varietiesand plots located primarily on ballsides. In keeping with a long tradition, special emphasis is placed on limiting the per hectare yields and on aging the wines to be dry and varietally pure.

The wine estate enjoys international reputation, its wines having travelled to nearly all points of the globe. Primarily responsible for this renown arte the estat’s Gewürztraminer, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gew%C3%BCrztraminer , Sauvignon blanc and Riesling. These are wines for connaisseurs who are a in search of quality and who understand the subtile differences between the various vintages as well as the interplay between wines and carefully selected foods.